Media Player Classic - Black Edition (MPC-BE) 1.6.7 Multilingual


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10 أكتوبر 2022
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Media Player Classic - Black Edition (MPC-BE) 1.6.7 Multilingual

Media Player Classic - Black Edition (MPC-BE) 1.6.7 Multilingual
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Media Player Classic Black Edition is a free and open source audio and video player for Windows. Media Player Classic - BE is based on the original "Media Player Classic" project and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" project, contains additional features and bug fixes. The BE mod (Black Edition Mod) is a skinned version of Media Player Classic Home Cinema, much better looking than the plain old MPC. MPC-HC BE Mod is usually newer because they use the latest SVN the most up-to-date version of the code.

You can use this efficient open source media player to watch your favorite movies or listen to music, as it supports numerous formats. MPC-BE is a user-friendly media player that supports numerous video and audio formats, allowing you to render almost any file you want without any problems. Following an uneventful installation, the application enables you to open local files in its main window. It also provides you with the possibility of streaming online videos or music on your computer, on condition that you have an Internet connection, simply by entering the URL address of the source file. MPC-BE can even play files from DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or other devices.
The program features a series of basic functions, namely 'Play', 'Pause', 'Stop', 'Jump To', 'Full Screen', 'Zoom', 'Filters', 'Shaders', increase, decrease or mute 'Volume'. You can navigate between the various media files in a folder, rendering the ones you like and skipping the ones that do not appeal to you. Items can be added to 'Favorites' so you can access them more easily.
Moreover, MPC-BE offers support for opening subtitles, while also allowing you to search for them online, using as a default website. After playing a file, the utility can 'Play Next in the Folder', 'Exit', 'Shutdown' or 'Restart' your computer.
MPC-BE lets you choose the preferred 'Rendered Settings', such as 'Output Range' (either 0-255 or 16-235), 'Presentation', 'Color Management' ('Input Type', 'Ambient Light' or 'Rendering Intent', 'Vsync' ('Accurate', 'Alternative') or 'GPU Control'.
Almost all functions have a hotkey assigned, thus if you feel more comfortable working with your keyboard, you can very well do that. Additionally, you can modify them, to make it easier for you to remember and use them. Similarly, it is responsive to scrolling, meaning you can decrease or increase the volume for instance, just by using your mouse.
To summarize, MPC-BE is an intuitive piece of software that enables you to play your favorite media files with ease, providing you with a wide array of adjustable options, to enhance your viewing or listening experience.
Whats New
Windows Vista is no longer supported.
Added identify of Atmos in EAC3 and TrueHD, as well as DTS:X and DTS:X IMAX in audio tracks.
Avoid accidental connection to .wtv files (Windows Television).
Fixed a rare crash when working with DASH streams.
File navigation has been optimized.
Fixed audio track detection for some HLS streams.
Fixed playback for VC-1.
Added "For audio with whisper and explosion parts" preset for FFmpeg filters.
Added the ability to connect to the "Resampler DMO" system filter.
Fixed a crash when outputting to 24bit and changing the playback speed.
Removed support for PowerStrip and "Sync display to video" mode for Sync Renderer.
EVR-CP and Sync Renderer now show the exact value of the display refresh rate.
The "10-bit RGB output" option now only works for the corresponding display mode.
Fixed style change for simple text subtitles (SubRip, etc.).
Added the ability to turn off subtitles through "Default track preference".
Added loading of subtitles from subfolder ".\Subs\FILENAME_WITHOUT_EXT".
Added the ability to choose in advance only sound in the built-in parser.
Added support for links "".
Fixed support for new versions of yt-dlp.
Added choice of the preferred language of the audio track.
Fixed getting metadata.
Added display of a single audio track in the OSD when trying to switch to the next or previous one.
Added display of audio track number in OSD.
The history window no longer blocks interaction with the main player window.
Fixed launching bookmarks from the menu.
Improved opening of URLs requiring authorization.
Fixed saving path to external subtitle file in history.
Added "Skip invalid elements" option to the playlist.
Speed up opening and navigation for URLs with redirect.
Various interface fixes.
Added the ability to install "MPC Video Renderer 0.6.7".
Updated German translation (by Klaus1189).
Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (by wushantao).
Updated Korean translation (by Hackjjang and Potmarigold).
Updated Hungarian translation (by mickey).
Updated Turkish translation (by cmhrky).
Updated Ukrainian translation (by arestarh).
Updated Italian translation (by mapi68).
Updated Spanish translation (by IPeluchito).
Updated Dutch and Chinese (Traditional) translation (by beter).
Updated Japanese translation (by tsubasanouta).
Updated libraries
dav1d git-1.1.0-33-g922bd82;
ffmpeg git-n5.2-dev-2610-ga6e9d01f88;
Little-CMS git-lcms2.15-44-g2dec684;
MediaInfo git-v22.12-120-gaad98a4e1;
zlib 1.2.13;
rapidjson git-v1.1.0-727-g949c771b.

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