Windows 10 RS5 Enterprise LTSC 2019 V.1809.17763.1217 (x86-x64) en-

13 مايو 2020
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Windows 10 RS5 Enterprise LTSC 2019 V.1809.17763.1217 (x86-x64) en-

Windows 10 RS5 Enterprise LTSC 2019
V.1809.17763.1217 (x86-x64) en-us

Windows 10 RS5 Enterprise LTSC 2019 V.1809.17763.1217 (x86-x64) en-us May 2020
OS : x86 / x64 bit | Language : English | File Size : 3.20GB / 2.5gb
In the distribution, 2 assemblies are provided for a choice of x86 and x64,with different languages, download the desired one (there will be no association).
Builds are based on official Microsoft images (17763.1)
Actual updates from the central office at the time of assembly creation were integrated:May 14, 2020 (without KB4494174 - Intel microcode updates).
After installation, OS version 17763.1217.
Removed the main telemetric and resource-intensive components.
Additional Information:
  • Integration of updates and removal of components was performed using DISM
  • Since the assemblies are based on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 images , they do not initially have :
  • Metro (Modern) applications
  • EDGE Browser
  • Microsoft Store
  • Cortana (but there are components for Search)
  • All this is missing by default!
  • Integrated current updates from the central office on 05/14/2020 (KB4549947, KB4551853, KB4537759)
  • The .NET Framework 3.5 is enabled and 4.8 is integrated (KB4486153 + KB4552930)
  • MSDaRT Tools is integrated in WinRE.wim
The parameters for "Default User" are applied , that is, when creating a user, these parameters will be applied:
  • Disable the WSearch service
  • Disable the Meltdown and Specter fixes
  • Delete the 3D print and 3D Edit context menus
  • Correct the registration of the AppID JumpViewExecuteHelper
(detected by entering the administration -> component services -> DCOM settings)
  • Display the "This computer" icon on the desktop
  • Open "This computer" in windows Explorer
  • Show hidden files, folders and drives
  • Display color elements Titles windows
  • Disable sticky keys Shift after 5 clicks
  • Using 100% image quality wallpaper
  • Remove the label from the search menu under WinX lane th input
  • Disable autorun deferral applications
  • Do not show the View button problems
  • Do not show recently used folders and files on the quick access toolbar
  • Add the Control Panel shortcut to the Win + X menu (RMB Start menu)
  • Add the Explorer shortcut to the Taskbar (AutoUnattend.xml)
  • Add the Internet Explorer shortcut on the Taskbar (AutoUnattend.xml)
  • Disable Clipboard Log, Action Log, Timeline (SetupComplete.cmd)
  • The Windows \ WinSxS \ Backup folder is cleaned of debris
  • The WIM file is converted to ESD
  • It is recommended to install it with the Internet turned off, to configure Update Center first
Enabled and disabled optional Windows components (you can enable or disable)
Components Included:
  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • Components of previous versions of Windows - DirectPlay (to support older games)

Whats New
System requirements:
Processor: at least 1.5 GHz;
RAM: from 2 GB (x86) or from 4 GB (x64);
Hard disk space: from 16 GB (x86) or 32 GB (x64);
Video adapter: DirectX version 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver;

Screen Resolution: 800x600 and higher


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